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    New Castle, Indiana

    Tuesday October 15, 2019


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    Personal Planner
    IRA and 401(k) Designated Beneficiary Options
    Each year, IRA and 401(k)s are subject to required minimum distributions (RMDs). Because the distributions start at just under 4% at age 71 and then slowly increase, many IRA and 401(k)...
    Washington News
    National Work and Family Month
    In 2003, the U.S senate passed a resolution establishing October as National Work and Family Month. To support families, the IRS published IR-2019-166. It explains the Family and Medical Leave Act...
    Savvy Living
    Resources to Help with Debt
    My husband and I, who are both 66 years old, have fallen behind on our mortgage payments and have accumulated quite a bit of credit card debt over the past few years. Where can we get...